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EU Bans Selling Eggs By The Dozen

Posted in Uncategorized by Navin Kumar on June 28, 2010


I suspect this has something to do with Europe’s knee jerk distrust of markets: they simply can’t reconcile themselves to the idea that may that chocolate makers might not be trying to screw over customers by selling chocolates that weigh 43gms instead of 50gms. Or that consumers may not be stupid enough to fall for the chips-packet-that-is-mostly-air for long.

But it might not be that. It might simply be an ivory tower lack of knowledge about how the real world works. People don’t add 75 gms of eggs into cake batter. They crack two, as per instructions. They don’t eat 50gms of chocolate. They pop a bar. The way grocers are currently selling products has a lot more in common with how people use products than how the bureaucrats think how products should be sold.

And so what if some eggs are smaller than others? It doesn’t have any serious nutritional effect. As long as an average weight from a sufficiently large sample of products matches how much the producers claim they weigh, the producers aren’t lying. It’s easy to prove.


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