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Posted in Uncategorized by Navin Kumar on April 29, 2011

1. A pictoral representation of (two) ideologies in the USA. I wonder if something like that is even possible in India, where there is a lot of consensus on pressing issues (like corruption or welfare) and the main problem is politicians vs the people rather than left vs right.

2.The problems of unfunded promises.

3. Newspapers for rent. The role that rental markets in diffusing technology, improving lifestyles etc (from the working class hire-purchase shops of industrial Britain to the cyber cafes of India) is not given the attention they deserve. Permanent ownership is for the rich. (HT: Marginal Revolution)

4. Happiness is a negative externality. You being happy could (marginally) make someone else feel worse in comparison.

5. I wish there were more people like this, who actually came up with appropriate solutions to problems instead of demanding we tax the rich, as though spending cuts and tax hikes are mutually exclusive.

6. Structural employment will rise (a bit) as amatuer photographers replace pros.

7. At this point in time, the US doesn’t really care if the dollar is the global reserve currency or not.

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