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Inequality is linked to diddly squat

Posted in Uncategorized by Navin Kumar on May 27, 2011

Inequality is more of a goal in itself rather than a means to enhancing welfare. Leftists try very hard to deny this and insist that reducing inequality would have result in benefits for everyone, including things like health and violence (see here). However the evidence offered has been less than satisfactory.

Christopher Snowdon took some of the new and much-hyped OECD indices and plotted them against inequality. Result? There’s no link between things like the quality of social support, life expectancy, self-reported health and life satisfaction and inequality.

Other than intellectuals, most people are more concerned with poverty, health education and other stuff that really matters than whether some fellow in Gurgaon has more money than them. Envy has but the most fleeting impact on most of our lives. If inequality doesn’t really affect indicators people care about, it should be dropped, lest it become an indicator like “public morality” which gives people the right to care about what other people are doing regardless of it’s impact on their lives.

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