Nation of Beancounters

I’m tied to a mast, for the month of November

Posted in Uncategorized by Navin Kumar on October 31, 2011

I have my exams this month and really need to focus. But no matter how many times I promise myself that I’ll be on Facebook/Google Reader for just a few minutes, an hour and half later, I’m still sitting in front of the computer, in a state of digitally-fueled nirvana, a blankness that makes time behave in strange ways. “Don’t log in” is failed strategy too: all it takes is a moment of weakness. Persistently resisting the impulse can sap your energy. And even if I don’t go online, I may end up with the Kindle (I read the first three Percy Jackson novels this weekend – and I didn’t even like any of them) or watching a TV show, downloaded from one of those file0hosting websites.

So what do I do? I have a friend change my password on Facebook and Google Reader, so I can’t access it during the day, except for an hour gap in the evening during which the old password is restored. Said friend will also confiscate hard drive (to prevent the excessive watching of TV shows and movies) and Kindle.

It’s sometimes easier to remove temptation than resist it.


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