Nation of Beancounters

Awesome Occupy Posters

Posted in Uncategorized by Navin Kumar on December 7, 2011

Those of you who know in real life know that I have a thing for poster art. And a thing for economics, which the whole Occupy X movement is sorta kinda about.

A fantastic collection of Occupy posters are here. And in keeping with the left-of-center origins, they’re copyright free and you can download high-res PDFs of the originals, which means you can make your own prints (an A3 poster could be had for 25 bucks the last time I checked). There are also images meant for t-shirts under “print lab”. They’re running on donations.

One of things I hate about being a capitalist is that we don’t get high quality propaganda art. No; adverts don’t count as propaganda – they’re not actually pushing for a system based on private property and prices.


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