Nation of Beancounters

Why are the Indian Authorities targeting Rushdie et al instead of actual haters?

Posted in Third World Instituitions by Navin Kumar on January 23, 2012

Listing a series of recent religious reactions to various perceived insults such as Jay Leno’s joke about the Golden Temple being a second home for a rich US presidential candidate, the hosting of anti-religious material by Facebook, Rushdie’s Jaipur visit, Tom Wright at India Real Time asks:

Shouldn’t the Indian government be focusing on clamping down on real religious hate speech – say, politicians and others who incite violence against religious communities – rather than throw-away jokes like Mr. Leno’s?

Answer: Yes, but they aren’t going to. Why? Because Facebook etc are easy targets that allow the authorities to signal their secular credentials/religious sensitivity without any political costs.

It’s not the law, that matters. It’s the judges.


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