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Marks for votes

Posted in Indian Culture, Third World Instituitions by Navin Kumar on February 25, 2012

If you vote in the Uttar Pradesh election, your child will be given extra marks at scho0l:

In a unique first, many schools in the city [of Lucknow] have decided to award extra marks to students whose parents will cast vote in the assembly election.

The idea has been mooted to encourage the urban electorate to exercise their franchise. Principal, Christ Church College, Rakesh Chattree said: “Parents fulfill most of the demands of their child. And when it comes to incentives in schools, they will definitely come out and vote. Our only aim in giving extra marks is to increase the voter turnout.”

I regard the purpose of democracy to be reaching higher quality political decisions and not voting per se. Incentivising voters in this manner definitely degrades the quality of the voting pool since the new voters are less likely to be informed/aware and so I’m opposed to incentivisation. But it’s a very interesting experiment and we shouldn’t forget it in a hurry.

(Via Marginal Revolution)


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  1. Esha V said, on September 2, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    the parents who voted were educated, and they vote with the same knowledge of who should get the vote as any existing voter in the country. the exercise was a courageous effort and must be acknowledged instead of being criticised on feeble grounds by people who may have already tried their bit ineffectually.

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