Nation of Beancounters

In defence of bubbles

Posted in New Ideas by Navin Kumar on March 10, 2012

Bryan Caplan writes

Unlike most American elites, I don’t feel the least bit bad about living in a Bubble.  I share none of their egalitarian or nationalist scruples.  Indeed, I’ve wanted to live in a Bubble for as long as I can remember.  Since childhood, I’ve struggled to psychologically and socially wall myself off from “my” society.  At 40, I can fairly say, “Mission accomplished.”

…Many people will find my attitude repugnant.  They shouldn’t.  Yes, I step to the beat of my own drummer.  But I’m not trying to push my lifestyle on others.  I don’t pester people who identify with America as it is.  Indeed, I wish outsiders the best of luck.  My only request: If you’re not happy with your world, don’t try to pop my beautiful Bubble.  Either fix your world, or get to work and make a beautiful Bubble of your own.

I can’t decide if Caplan sounds a lot older or a lot younger than his 40 years.


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