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Free markets in everything: sex

Posted in Uncategorized by Navin Kumar on April 6, 2012

In Germany:

As a business model, it’s a win-win formula: Two potential partners set out to profit from a mutual transaction. That must be how the three business students from the University of Mannheim in southwestern Germany, who call themselves Oskar, Christopher and Julius, imagined things to be when they decided to offer their services by creating what could best be described as a free brothel. They offer stressed-out, female students uncomplicated and anonymous one-night stands.

As future marketing experts, the students know that business ideas with at least a pseudo-philosophical foundation are often the ones that are best received. They call their project Bib:Love — a reference to the first letters of the German word Bibliothek, meaning library — and the slogans which they have plastered on posters around the university’s campus promise “Good Grades through Good Sex.” The young men claim that their project is about emancipation in a broader sense and that their initiative should be recognized as more than a mere coital campaign.

“We are focusing on female students in particular, because they generally come out badly after one-night stands,” says 21-year-old Christopher. “What’s more, girls who just want to have some fun are often labeled as sluts.” According to the three men, that’s unfair. The idea for Bib:Love came to them during an alcohol-fuelled night last autumn.

5 one-night stands so far. The model seems to be working. There’s also this wonderful line:

The young men reserve the right to withdraw their service should a girl’s appearance be unpromising.

More here.

Via Marginal Revolution. Tyler Cowen doesn’t think it can last.


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