Nation of Beancounters

Indian culture: gender relations in South Indian colleges

Posted in Indian Culture by Navin Kumar on April 17, 2012

Briefly, they aren’t allowed:

Campuses seem to be abound with restrictions of all kinds. Students can leave campus only twice a month; that too after producing fax messages from their parents. Separate staircases for girls and boys are common. But a conversation between a male and a female student is what earns the maximum wrath of faculty members.

A supervisor patrols every floor and every bus in many top engineering colleges. “A ‘behaviour in-charge’ berates students publicly if they notice anything ‘wrong’,” says V. Prabhu, a former student of Sri Sairam College of Engineering.

The ‘violations’ range from ‘unnecessarily talking to boys/girls, not wearing id card, not being dressed in salwar – kurta with a ‘v-shaped dupatta ‘ pinned on both sides or formals, says a student of Sathyabhama University. Trees have been cut off, say students, to make sure boys and girls do not gather under them.

… “Cell phones are allowed only in hostels, but no romantic ring tones; else, they will evoke ‘romantic feelings’ in us, says our warden” laughs Raghuvir of Panimalar Institute of Technology

Interesting throughout. It may be demand driven:

A. Ramkumar, a parent of a student in St. Mary’s Engineering, says: “These rules are the reason I think my son will not get into bad company.”

This dovetails with my personal experience (I was briefly enrolled in one such college) and stories I hear from people studying there.




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