Nation of Beancounters

South India is sexually repressed

Posted in Indian Culture by Navin Kumar on April 17, 2012

I may make this an ongoing series.

Recently, IIT Madras imposed restrictions on ‘Hostel Nite’. I found this interesting:

“One professor read too much into the celebrations and declared that as per Indian law, members of the opposite sex cannot stay in a room if they are not married. The professor said even the French President was not allowed to stay with his girlfriend on an official visit to India,” a student said. Another professor argued that since the IITs including its hostels were run on taxpayers’ money, rules couldn’t be breached.

Later, they held an open forum, following which some professors exchanged emails which were later leaked.

Students’ feedback at the forum seems to have bothered professors quite a bit, going by what one of the professors M.P. Maiya, chairman, council of wardens, suggests. “For the next open forum, if at all there is one, we must get the questions screened by responsible students first”, he says, in order to ensure no “insulting or embarrassing question” is raised. He says this, referring to ‘I am 21 and what is your (read Warden, CCW, DoS, Director) problem if I have sex with my girl friend or whoever it is in the hostel room?’ and questions like that.

I can’t get over how much this says about our culture – these professors held an open forum to discuss restrictions clearly meant to stop students from having sex and weren’t anticipating a student asking, ‘what’s wrong with sex?’

In a comment that may outrage many, Prof. Narayanaswamy says: “It will be too late when some fellows are found to be having ‘alternate sexual’ preferences and also on drugs….and we will be left with no defence…”


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