Nation of Beancounters


Posted in Uncategorized by Navin Kumar on December 15, 2012

1. Fryer and Levitt get translated to ghetto. I cannot understand enough of it to quote.

2. Everything you need to know about the password problem.

3. Why waiting is painful.

4. Why Swedes are migrating to Norway. North-North factor movements. “the Swede-as-service worker has become something of a stereotype in Norway. The 2010 rap hit “Partysvenske” is an extended mockery of male Swedish migrant workers, who are portrayed as effete drunks who invade Oslo’s nightlife. At one point, the rappers—Jaa9 & Onklp—chide, “Make a mojito, do what you do well.”

…Norway has higher wages, shorter workweeks, and Swedes are granted a tax break for their first two years. The Norwegian krone is also worth more than the Swedish krona. …  Swedes can go to Norway for a few months, or even a few years, live cheaply, and return to Sweden like Vikings returning from a season of pillaging. Indeed, it’s been estimated that 90% of Swedes return to their homeland within five years.”

5. Marginal tax rates don’t matter – average rates do. What shall we call this view if it becomes popular? I like the average counter-revolution. “When it comes to career choices or the state you’ll live in or whether to have an extra child the marginal decision is very big, and a rational person will base that decision mostly on the average long run costs and benefits.  In cases like this, the official marginal tax rate won’t matter nearly as much as the long run average tax rate… When making the go/no-go decision, corporations care more about their long run tax bill.  That’s because the marginal decision is the go/no-go decision.”


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