Nation of Beancounters


Posted in Uncategorized by Navin Kumar on December 26, 2012

1. Is it passion that matters when you’re thinking of getting a PhD? No. “You should do a PhD only if you want to be a rare expert who is able to make novel and enduring intellectual contributions to the world.”

2. India’s coal problem (HT: Marginal Revolution).

3. Trends in economic publishing. 1) There are now far more co-authored papers. 2) Authors are getting older. 3) There are more female authors 4) There is less “pure theory” and more empirical and experimental work. I do not trust experimental work. Original paper here.

4. Why is language so ambiguous? Ans: it’s more efficient this way.

5. Women in the Mexican Mafia. More on how it works here.

6. The mistakes of liberal and market oriented economists, as documented by Tyler Cowen, circa 2011. Greg Mankiw’s classic post on the left versus the right here.


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