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Teacher evaluation works

Posted in Uncategorized by Navin Kumar on January 5, 2013

Timothy Taylor summarizes the latest evidence:

student performance not only went up during the year that the evaluation happened, but student performance stayed higher for teachers who had been evaluated in previous years…  teachers develop skill or otherwise change their behavior in a lasting manner as a result of undergoing subjective performance evaluation.

… Too many teachers perceive their classroom as a private zone where they should not and perhaps cannot be judged. But teaching is a profession, and the job performance of professionals should be evaluated by other professionals.  The Cincinnati evidence strongly suggests that detailed, low-stakes, occasional evaluation by other experienced teachers can improve the quality of teaching over time.

Regarding politics:

… if some of the school reformers backed away from trying to attach potentially large consequences to such evaluations in terms of pay and jobs, at least a few teachers’ unions would be willing to support this step toward a higher quality of teaching.

Given the lack of interest in public education in India by parents (who’d rather send their kids to a private school than face the uphill task of acquiring the “free, quality” education they’re promised) and the government (which loses exactly zero votes over this issue) I see little hope for reform in India.

Plus cronyism and corruption makes the model described – “good” teachers judging others – hard to implement in India. But an idea is an idea etc.


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