Nation of Beancounters


Posted in Uncategorized by Navin Kumar on January 8, 2013

1. Excellent essay on Breaking Bad.

2. The superiority of base 12 over base 10.

3. Against shouting matches. “… giving into anger makes it harder to tell truth from falsehood … assuming both sides share worthwhile goals, shouting matches have a clear deadweight cost.  The time you spend shouting at each other could have been spent cooperating to accomplish something good… it makes little difference who first left the path of civility.  It really does take two to tango.”

4. The similarities and differences between Communism and Fascism. I do not care about the thesis itself on way or another. But I’ve observed something: intellectuals in erstwhile communist countries tend to be a good deal more anit-communist than intellectuals from capitalist countries. I cannot prove this, and do not insist it is true. I do not know how to interpret this fact if it is true.

5. Advice for the modern would-be mother. Is there a pocket version of the Myers Brigs test? We need new social norms that allow us to administer these tests on a date without censure. The mating market would be so much more efficient this way.


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