Nation of Beancounters


Posted in Uncategorized by Navin Kumar on January 27, 2013

1. The awesome new world of solar. I can’t wait. On the other hand, we’ve been waiting for a long time, so don’t get your hopes up. On the first hand…

2. Bryan Caplan’s path to open borders. Very good intellectual biography.

3. The health implications of utensils and cutlery.

” Until the cooking pot was invented, no one who had lost all their teeth would survive into adulthood. There are no traces of edentulous — toothless — skeletons in any population without pottery. Pots made it possible for the first time to cook nourishing stew-like meals that required no chewing but could, rather, be drunk. So having teeth was no longer necessary for survival.”

4. What anti-corruption agencies need to succeed. “You need a high degree of mistrust, put into nice words like risk management.”

5. Culture vouchers in Brazil (HT: Marginal Revolution)


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