Nation of Beancounters

Thoughts left lying around

Posted in Uncategorized by Navin Kumar on April 4, 2013

1. All the virtues of markets – division of labor, efficiency etc – are consequences of a more fundamental feature of markets: they permit peaceful interactions between strangers. This is their primary function.

2. Too often ‘rationalists’ talk of casinos as though they were places  people go to make money. They are more accurately magic shows which people attend in order to enjoy the high of being fooled. The only difference is that we know how casinos do it.

3. Way too many arguments about ethics seem to be elaborate versions of ‘that’s gross’.

4. Suppose one has some limited moral obligation to increase to the welfare of one’s future self. Different forms of increasing one’s future welfare are substitutes. Thus if I invest in skill acquisition, increasing future-me’s income, I am less morally obligated to save money.

5. ‘False consciousness’ can be usually be replaced with ‘lack of awareness’. The latter is not condescending. Yet.


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