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Tumblr spotlight: Feminism and donuts

Posted in Entertainment, Gender by Navin Kumar on June 2, 2014

Tumblr is a blogging platform meant to share artwork. At some point, it became a popular platform for people in 15-25 age bracket who saw themselves as fighting for social justice. While this is an admirable cause, the intellectual content generated has been… odd.

Warning: Do not, at any point, try to engage in a argument, even mentally, with this person. Hatred is toxic. Laughter are cleansing. This selection is for entertainment purposes only.

Without further ado, I present a selection of thoughts from user Feminism and Donuts.

She doesn’t like compliments:

When a man tells me “you’re beautiful” all I hear is “Your only purpose in life is to decorate my world.” (Link)

“It’s a compliment” is something men say when they’ve been found verbally assaulting you. Don’t buy into it ladies. (Link)

Or criminals rights for those accused of rape:

Why do rapists get a “fair trial” when victims of rape didn’t have their attack decided by a group after a long fair trial[?](Link)

Male privilege is people saying “accused rapist” until he is “proven” guilty. Male privilege is having a woman’s word subject to the judgment of others. (Link)

Indeed, she has some odd ideas about male privilege:

Male privilege is being able to get sex from any woman, any time with little to no difficulty or judgment. (Link)

And interior decoration:

It’s not that I hate white cis men, it’s just that I want to use them as rugs. And they say chivalry is gone. (Link)

I’m not sure what to make of this:

No means No. Yes does not necessarily mean yes. (Link)

She, and her followers, need feminism:

Anonymous follower. Text reads “I need feminism because the last time I submitted an essay I got a D despite being smarter than the other students.” (Link)

But she knows how to have fun:

lol I am going to show up to class tomorrow in a see-through shirt with nipple pasties, a G-string and a pair of see-through pants made out of a shower curtain and a nerf gun. and anyone who stares at me because the outfit “provoked” them is going to be squirted in the face with nerf water. (Link)

Disclaimer:  Do not generalize from this person to anyone else. No individual who shares a label (e.g. “feminist”) with this person deserves to be tarnished by association with him/her. Every movement has its nutjobs.

Bonus: Assorted Tumblr here. If any of this has gotten you heated up, cool down with some watermelon.


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